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About Us




My photo booth company began one day when I went to a friend’s party in New York & tried a photo booth for the 1st time. The booth’s set-up was simple; a flat screen standing on a pole with a camera attached and a choice of 15 different props. The idea was great, but there was just so much the photo booth was missing. I stood and watched all day, as friends and family used the props and enjoyed the silly pictures they were taking. I decided I could make the photo booth a much better experience.

The next week, I started to research the industry and I found a company that could design everything I wanted in my photo Booth. I wanted my Booth to be sleek, modern looking and to take up very little floor space. It needed to be technologically simple, able to print photos fast, use simple generic backgrounds & most of all…be able to fit 25-50 of my friends and family into 1 photo shot!

And the most unique feature I wanted was an “Open Format” feature which allowed a “live” party or event to become the backdrop for my photo.I wanted to give plenty of props because everyone loves having fun with props.

I then decided to test many different software programs and create a simple and fast program to run my photo booth. This way my friends and family could take as many photos as they wanted quickly and have each photo strip print in less than 15 seconds. Many photo booths can take 10-20 minutes setting up a shot with sophisticated software, backdrops and processing the photo strips for printing. My Booth’s custom designed software is able to set-up the shot and print-out a photo strip in less than 1 minute!

No long lines & waiting here!

Also, my Booth’s, “Constant Program” fits snugly into any venue, party or event in New York or New Jersey and it’s super easy to use. Plus, my photo booth looks like a giant mobile phone. Designed for fun and to make everyone smile and say cheese!

So finally, after months and months of design and development, I finally reached my dream of the photo booth I had envisioned.

I do weddings, sweet sixteens, birthday parties, corporate events, anniversary parties, religious events, school parties, dances & proms, fairs & festivals and more! We service both New York and New Jersey states!

And every party I go to, everybody has a great time and loves my Photo Booth!

So take your special day to the next level and let us help you, “Bam It Up!”