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Photobooth Rental in Staten Island

Fast Fun Photos!

We have all seen them, those photo booths in the mall or at a park. A custom little photo studio in a booth with a curtain. They are fun, and an easy way to get some nice pictures of you with your friends. Often they come with unique borders to the pictures, and in only a couple minutes, you have a custom little strip of pictures. Sweet little keepsakes of a moment of fun and play. You don’t have to hunt them down, though. Photobooth rentals in Staten Island are a thing! Get a memorable strip of pics from a photobooth at your event. It can be for a birthday party, a social gathering, or just because you are going to see old friends and want some fun. Personalized pictures from a photobooth, easily available in Staten Island. BAM It Up is a photobooth rental group that operates in New York and Staten Island, and can provide your event with not just the booth, but also the most modernized, completely customizable selfie booth with unlimited props and prints for your party!

Not just another booth

Instead of a cramped little cubby with a curtain, BAM It Up provides you with a 6 foot 42 inch screen. Think of it like taking a selfie with your phone or a tablet- only HUGE! A giant touch screen like nothing you have considered before. Unique in this industry, you will get a supersized photobooth in Staten Island just for your party. This slim, sleek, elegant, and stylish photobooth is made to be like a giant phone for both easy use and to help you get the pictures you want. We all know how to operate a phone, so this was made the same way to be quick and simple for your needs. Unlike other photobooths, we don’t have simple static backgrounds. Our booths capture the live event with unique images as they happen. With a photobooth rental in Staten Island or New York, we also provide a wealth of props for you and your guests to liven up the super selfies!

One thing that is the same as with the old style booths is the time. When you want a picture, whether it is truly a super selfie, or with a group, you don’t have to wait long. Create a keepsake memory of your friends and family- up to 25 people fit in a single image! We designed the photobooth rental to be able to capture a whole open area like a background in a single shot. When the pictures are done being taken for the moment, you get a full-color strip of your shots in less than 20 seconds. Make them classy and elegant, or laugh like crazy using silly props and capture the fun. These are your pics from your event, make the most of it and keep a moment from them forever. Some events we host for example are weddings, sweet 16s, both Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties, corporate events, anniversaries, block parties, and religious gatherings. That isn’t the limit, though. If you have a gathering, think how much fun having a photobooth rental in Staten Island can bring!

Photo Perks

Bam It Up photobooth rentals are loaded with benefits for your event. Our selfie style system uses an open air design, rather than a cramped little booth. No curtains here! This gives you the freedom to get a selfie, a group, a large area, even up to 25 people in a single shot. When you rent a photobooth with us, you get unlimited photos for your event. From serious to silly, your guests and you can take the pictures you want to keep, complete with props and wonderful memories. Prints are made on-the-spot, so you don’t have to wait for texting images or photosharing to see how good the pics came out. Don’t like it? Take them again immediately! Our photobooth is fast- no long lines or hanging around for minutes for your pictures to come out. No fussing with digital backdrops or special effect layers to be added to your pictures. In less than 20 seconds, you will get your pictures in either strips of 2” x 6”, or a 4 x 6” postcard. Imagine taking pics at your event, and then mailing them to people that couldn’t attend. Instant bragging rights from your photobooth rental in Staten Island!

Even better, we are not renting you an eyesore or something you have to babysit. The photobooth simply looks like a 6 foot screen, allowing it to blend into most events seamlessly. Each photobooth is loaded with customized software, ready and able to provide the unique types of photos you want for your event. When you rent one from BAM It Up, we also include one or two attendants to operate the system and assist your guests with any problems. We take care of ensuring you get the photos you want with a device customized for your event, complete with experts to make sure it runs right every time.